The Angel

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Last stock available - No restock will be made ! Turquoise is really rare and hard to mine.


CRYSTAL: Turquoise
POWER OF THE ANGEL : Programmable & Protection.

  • NOTE : Turquoise is a really unique stone. It can be programmed by any thoughts. If you lost someone or your animal and want to feel his/her energy around you, The Angel necklace is the perfect stone for you.
  • You can program it (following the tutorial you will receive in your package), to keep the energy of this person in your necklace. Grab your stone whenever you need to feel his or her presence around you.
  • It also protects you from negative thoughts and help you trust in life.
  • Acts like your guardian angel, keeping you away from negative energies.

DETAILS: 1.5 inch natural stone on 17inch

stainless chain.

📦  Note : All orders come with a guide explaining the power of each stone, and how to program your necklace.

    All our necklaces are made out of genuine stones. They are certified by a Gem Testing Center. The only stone that is man-made is Opalite.

    As all our stones are natural, the color of your stone may vary a little bit from the picture, depending where your pendant was cut in the stone.


    How to take care of my necklace ?

    Remove your necklace before taking a shower, doing sport or putting perfume, to protect its shine. You are good to go now !

    Please also note that the stones are protected by a wax, to keep its shine forever 💜 

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