The Cold Hearted B*tch Wand

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Crystal: Aquamarine


CRYSTAL : Aquamarine sourced from Brazil
POWER : Stops people pleasing, anxiety and reconnects you to your higher self
WHERE TO PLACE 💎 : Place it at the most left corner of your home or on your nightstand


It's time to stop people-pleasing and start self-nurturing. We've all been through it – giving so much of ourselves, only to receive disrespect and disappointment in return. But no more! With this natural Aquamarine wand, you'll embrace the unshakable self within you, a self that doesn't settle for anything less than the respect and love you truly deserve.

Let "The Cold Hearted B*tch Wand" be your armor, shielding you from toxic energies and emotional vampires. This powerful crystal will awaken your intuition, calm your mind and guide you to let go of draining relationships and embrace emotional freedom. Step into your power, set your boundaries, and watch as you become the fierce, unapologetic queen you were meant to be.

MEASUREMENT: Approximately 3-4 inches


Crystals are a gift from our planet. Please be aware that natural cracks, rough spots, or inclusions may be present. Each crystal is meant to find its destined owner - you don't choose your crystal; it chooses you.