The Goddess Elixir

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 💜 Handmade in the USA 🇺🇸 
Apply this Elixir on your neck, on your wrists and the middle of your chest.
This Elixir reveals The Goddess within yourself. Rainbow moonstone is known to reconnect you to your feminine energy. You act and feel like a Goddess: you are peaceful and confident because you trust the Universe.
This Elixir is also a must-have to develop your intuition and get rid of negative energies, especially coming from toxic people that might be surrounding you.
Composition of this Elixir : fractionated coconut oil, essential oils, fragrance oils, rainbow moonstone chips & gomphrena flowers. Alcohol FREE.
How does it smell like? If you like sweet smells and vanilla, you will be OBSESSED with it 😍 It's a sweet and eternal incantation of charmed vanilla, opulent oud and amber