How to cleanse my crystal ?

How to cleanse my crystal ?

Crystals, like sponges, absorb energies from their surroundings.

Be it the serene vibes of a peaceful room or the chaos of a busy day, your crystals take it all in. Over time, their energies may become cloudy, affecting their effectiveness. This is where crystal cleansing comes in 💜 By purging them of accumulated energies, you allow their true potential to shine through once again ✨

How to cleanse my crystals?

At TheCrystalBabes, we're all about convenience without compromising quality. That's why we've introduced our crystal cleansing sprays. Gone are the days of intricate rituals; say hello to hassle-free cleansing.


One spray, double the power. Our sprays not only cleanse your crystals but also purify your space. Palo Santo or Lavender & Sage, take your pick for a renewed ambiance.

A gentle spray is all you need. Our gentle formula leaves no residue. Spray on crystals or in the air - it's that simple! You are now ready to set your intention 💜



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