PRESS : TheCrystalBabes, the brand that empowers women by giving them “superpowers”

PRESS : TheCrystalBabes, the brand that empowers women by giving them “superpowers”

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The crystal necklace everyone talks about on social media.

It is no secret that crystals have the potential to release mental, physical and spiritual blockages. We can easily understand the natural healing aspect of crystals from the fact that they are the purest manifestation of light and energy. The crystals are even used as conductors in electronics!

Crystals have the potential to attract positive energies and keep away the negative ones. When she created TheCrystalBabes, Helena wanted to help women across the world by teaching them about crystals, and providing them an easy way to carry them everyday.

As a lot of people didn’t know anything about the law of attraction and crystals, she decided to make it simple for everyone. Each necklace has a different crystal and is named after its “superpower”. 

She said she wanted women to pick their crystal necklace every morning depending on what they needed for the day. Women would wear The Peaceful made with Amethyst when they feel stressed, and would wear The Entrepreneur, made with Blue Sandstone, before having a big presentation.

As scientifically proven, wearing crystals on different occasions and days of your life has a particular effect on your physical and mental condition. So if you want to attract positive energies, they can help to fulfill your particular wishes and desires.

The brand grew really fast and became really famous on TikTok and Instagram, where “tiktokers” would post their story using their crystal necklace.


TheCrystalBabes is only available in the USA

at for now, but the brand is expanding to Australia, Canada and Europe in the following years.


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