The Superwoman 🔱

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Crystal: Black Agate
Chain: 18K Gold Plated Stainless


CRYSTAL: Black Agate
POWER OF THE SUPERWOMAN : Emotional strength  & Unlimited power.

  • This necklace is a must-have for every woman who wants to balance their emotions and expand their power, from her thoughts to the physical world
  • Black Agate will bring you the strength to achieve anything, no matter what
  • You won't give so much importance to other people’s opinion, because you will realize that only what you want, actually matters.
  • This necklace helps you to get out of toxic relationships, energies or behaviour.
  • If you feel stuck during times of stress, depression or grief, grab your necklace and feel its energy going through your body, giving you the will to overcome any obstacle in life.
  • Black Agate helps with overpassing traumas.

DETAILS: 1.5 inch natural stone on 17inch stainless chain.

📦  Note : All orders come with a guide explaining the power of each stone, and how to program your necklace.