How to program my necklace ?

 All our crystals are working with intentions. It means that you need to set your own intention to your necklace. This is really simple :



First of all, you will need to place yourself in a quiet state of mind. Grab your necklace, then close your eyes, and focus on your breathing. Feel how the air is cold when you breathe in. Then, feel how hot it is, when you breathe out.  Do this until you feel relaxed. 



Feel how good it is to succeed at it, visualize that you already made it. Once you feel this energy going through your body, and you feel goosebumps on your skin, set your intention , like when you make your wish.

Each necklace has special properties for success / luck / protection / confidence / love. You have to set an intention according to the necklace you chose. 

Wear your necklace everyday. Remove it before sleeping and taking a shower. You can always let your necklace under your pillow at night, or near your bed.

When you wear it in the morning, always make sure to take 3 seconds to remember the goal you have set with it, and smile. Now, you are ready to shine !