The Happiness Wand

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Crystal: Amazonite


CRYSTAL : Amazonite sourced from Brazil
POWER : Happiness, Positivity and Sexuality
WHERE TO PLACE 💎 : Place it at the most left corner of your home or on your nightstand


Amazonite is THE positive stone by definition. It radiates joy of living and allows you take everyday situations less seriously and to put things into perspective. One of the main properties of amazonite is to fight against depression and negative mental thoughts.

Amazonite helps to regulate and recover one's sexuality and feminine energies during periods of turmoil or following an emotional shock (death of a loved one, painful break-up, burn-out, etc.).

MEASUREMENT  : 3-4in (approximately)


 ✨ : Crystals are a natural gift from our planet. Please be aware that there could be natural cracks, rough spots or inclusions. You will always receive the crystal that was meant to be yours. You don't choose your crystal : your crystal chooses you.