The Bad B*tch Bracelet 🔥 (NEW!)

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CRYSTAL: Genuine Carnelian from India
POWER OF THE BAD B*TCH : Extreme attraction, Dark feminine energy & Motivation

USE WISELY This Bracelet makes you stop people pleasing. And when you "don't care" and are in your dark feminine energy that you can manifest anything you want, NO JOKES! ❤️✨People can't help but feel attracted to you. It's your limiting beliefs and low vibration that prevent you from manifesting your dreams. 

The Bad B*tch Bracelet is designed for queens who slay all day. Crafted with genuine Carnelian, this bracelet is all about unleashing your dark feminine energy 🔥

Slip it on and let the universe shower you with irresistible attraction, passion, success and unstoppable energy. 💫✨

🚨 18+ ONLY! Carnelian brings a lot of spice 🌶 into your love life... 😈

 On which wrist should I wear it?

If you wanna attract someone, go for the left wrist. It’s all about showing your softer, emotional side that can draw people in. It’s like, “Hey, I’m deep and mysterious, come find out more.” 💕

For that ultimate bad bitch energy, rock it on the right wrist. It’s bold, confident, and screams, “I’m in control and I know what I want.” Perfect for when you’re slaying the game and owning every room you walk into. 💅✨

So, left wrist to attract with your soft side 🥺, right wrist to make them obsessed 😈. Got it? 😘


DETAILS: Featuring a 7-inch stretchy band adorned with natural Carnelian and 6mm shiny beads. This collection fits comfortably on any wrist.

🎁 PERFECT GIFT: The bracelet comes in the cutest pouch, ready to slay as the perfect gift. 💖