The Boss B*tch Wand

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Crystal: Citrine
CRYSTAL : Citrine from Brazil
POWER : Brings wealth and success into your life
WHERE TO PLACE 💎 : Place the wand at your desk or on your nightstand. Write an affirmation on a piece of paper, then place it under your wand.

A must-have for any #girlboss, entrepreneur or small-business owner. Citrine brings not just prosperity, wealth and success for the business or career, but also in your persona! life. Citrine balances emotions and brings joy inside you, it helps you know yourself better, trust your instinct and removes the negativity inside you. 

MEASUREMENT  : 3-4 in (approximately)

What is Heat Treated Citrine ?

Citrine is naturally formed on Earth when natural Amethyst or Smoky Quartz is heated deep inside our planet at 900 degrees Fahrenheit. You can either purchase natural citrine, but it's rare and expensive, or lab citrine, where natural Amethyst or quartz is heated to reproduce the natural process from Earth. Both are the same. The citrine we used for this necklace has been made in lab, which is exactly the same as a natural one. Lab citrine is slightly more powerful though, as it's been created recently.


✨ : Crystals are a natural gift from our planet. Please be aware that there could be natural cracks, rough spots or inclusions. You will always receive the crystal that was meant to be yours. You don't choose your crystal : your crystal chooses you.