The Ultimate Pack

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Crystal: Full Box (7 crystals)
Chains: 18K Gold Plated Stainless

You wake up in the morning and wonder : which superpower do I want to wear today? Do I want to rock this business meeting, or feel irresistible and attract unconditional love for my date ❤️? This pack is just perfect for that!

The Ultimate contains 7 necklaces, one for each day of the week, or one for you, your family and friends. A full pack of magic, for you to spread your wings and start your new life 💜 

    • 1X The Bad B*tch 🔥
    • 1X The Lucky
    • 1X The Peaceful
    • 1X The Confident
    • 1X The Magnetic 💕
    • 1X The Superwoman
    • 1X The Luxury Mindset 

Please note that the picture and video on the listing are the previous pack with The Tiger instead of The Bad B*tch. Don't worry; you will receive exactly what's listed above!