The Confident ⚡️

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Crystal: Opalite
Chain: 18K Gold Plated Stainless


CRYSTAL: Opalite
POWER OF THE CONFIDENT : Confidence & Self Acceptance.
    • This necklace will develop your self-confidence, and boost your self esteem.
    • You will be able to correct any thoughts that limits you in your life
    • You will show up to the world as "the real you" : you won’t be scared of any judgement. You won’t CARE about other people’s opinion. You know your worth.
    • You will feel more confident, and more fatal. If you are dating, it is a must-have. Also it shines so well, that it is an eye-catcher.
  • DETAILS: 1.5 inch Opalite on 17inch stainless chain.

📦  Note : All orders come with a guide explaining the power of each stone, and how to program your necklace.