The Goddess Wand

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Crystal: Moonstone

CRYSTAL : Moonstone sourced from Brazil
POWER : Reconnects you to your Feminine Energy, Intuition, Removes Negative Energies
WHERE TO PLACE 💎 : Place it at the most left corner of your home or on your nightstand


🌟 Unleash The Goddess Within: The Goddess Wand, adorned with Rainbow Moonstone, reveals the divine essence within yourself. Tap into your peaceful and confident nature, as you embrace trust in the Universe.

🌌 Intuition Amplifier: Embrace the power of intuition as you wield this magical elixir. Let it guide you on your spiritual journey and illuminate your path.

💫 Ward Off Negativity: Banish negativity and toxic influences from your life with the Goddess Wand. Allow its protective aura to shield you from harmful energies.

MEASUREMENT: Approximately 3-4 inches


Crystals are a gift from our planet. Please be aware that natural cracks, rough spots, or inclusions may be present. Each crystal is meant to find its destined owner - you don't choose your crystal; it chooses you.