The Sun (Manifest Happiness)

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Material: 18K Gold Plated

MEANING OF THE SUN TAROT CARD: Joy, Happiness and Positive Changes
Wearing The Sun tarot card tells the universe that you're ready to leave behind worries and embrace brighter days. It means you’re manifesting happiness, and attracting positive changes in your life.

This card shows you're prepared to welcome success and joy, and it reminds you that better times are coming. People can’t help but see you as radiant and full of life when guided by this card.

Whenever you wear it, repeat to yourself, "I welcome success and joy into my life." ☀️🌟

DETAILS: Only available in gold. The tarot card is made with zircons and a ocean blue acrylic panel that is hand painted and 100% hypoallergenic. The chain is made with 18inch stainless steel chain with 2inch extender. It's fully stainless and waterproof.

💜  Ready for a gift : This necklace comes in a wonderful rose gold and velvet box.