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Zoom The Success Butterfly

The Success Butterfly

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Exclusive edition TheCrystalBabes x DanielVenturini. Handmade in Brazil.  Limited Edition.
This butterfly is crafted from Lilac Fluorite for the wings.
The base is a raw Amethyst.
The Black base is Dolomite, and the body of the butterfly are metal gold plated.
THE DIVINE BUTTERFLY is not only an exclusive eye catcher for your interior, this is the beginning of a journey. This is a journey of connecting yourself with our world and developing your intuition. We all come from the same source, and everything is connected. When you start developing your intuition, you will realize that our world is far more magical than we think it is.
Each crystal has a different power ‚ú®
  • Lilac¬†Fluorite¬†is also called the Genius stone. It is said to¬†give us dazzling intuitions by illuminating our mind. Lilac fluorites make the link with the world and connect us to the whole.
  • The Amethyst¬†increases intuition, expends your consciousness¬†and helps your stop overthinking
    DETAILS: 14 cm height x 11 cm width. Weight 1kg.

    ūüﶬ†¬†Note¬†:¬†This masterpiece¬†is shipped from Dallas, Texas in a separate wood box with a really strong protection inside. This art piece is well protected in the box. You will just have to unpack it and¬†place the¬†butterfly on top of the Amethyst base, in the corresponding holes. We stay available for any questions you may have upon delivery, and after.¬†

    We will insure the delivery at our own expense. If you don't receive the package, we will ship you another one or refund you.

    The Success Butterfly




    All our necklaces and rings are made out of genuine crystals. They are certified by a Gem Testing Center. The only stone that is man-made is Opalite.

    As all our stones are natural, the color of your stone may vary a little bit from the picture, depending where your pendant was cut in the stone.


    All chains are stainless steel and won't turn your neck green, our rings are 925 Sterling Silver and won't turn your fingers green either.

    All our Elixirs and sprays are HANDMADE in the US ūüáļūüáł

    We only have limited stock on them, so don't miss out if you see the one you want still in stock ūüėė


    Remove your necklace before taking a shower, doing sport or putting perfume, to protect its shine. You are good to go now !

    Please also note that¬†the stones are protected by a wax, to keep its shine forever ūüíú¬†

    For Elixirs: keep your elixirs in your bag and carry them everywhere with you ūüėė

    Use the law of attraction with your crystals ūüíę

    Zoom The Ultimate Guide to Manifestation (Ebook)
    Zoom The Ultimate Guide to Manifestation (Ebook)
    Zoom The Ultimate Guide to Manifestation (Ebook)

    The Ultimate Guide to Manifestation (Ebook)

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    Partnership with Harvard-trained psychologist Kim Maldese, author of "Become Fatal"

    Level up your manifestation game! ūüíĖ¬†This Ebook¬†contains¬†affirmations¬†to use with each crystal you purchase from our store. You will find affirmations for¬†becoming fatal, attracting soulmates, stop overthinking, getting rid of toxic energies, manifest wealth, heal past traumas, get a better¬†s*x life¬†‚ú® Use your desired affirmation daily while holding your crystal.


    After an introduction and User Guide, you'll find how to :

    1. Heal a past trauma (10 affirmations)
    2. Stop overthinking (10 affirmations)
    3. Manifest deep friendships  (20 affirmations)
    4. Manifest wealth & success (30 affirmations)
    5. Change the way people see you (30 affirmations)
    6. Get rid of toxic people (20 affirmations)
    7. Improve your well being & be happy (30 affirmations)
    8. Develop your self love & attract your soulmate (40 affirmations)
    9. Become fatal (60 affirmations)
    10. Manifest your best S*X life (9 affirmations) - 18+ ONLY


    After your purchase, you will receive an email to download the ebook in PDF. You can either keep it on your phone, your tablet, or print it.



    Affirmations are powerful because they work at the subconscious level of the mind. By repeatedly focusing on positive affirmations, we can gradually replace limiting beliefs and negative self-talk with positive, empowering thoughts. 

    Affirmations help to activate the brain's reward centers, triggering the release of feel-good neurotransmitters like dopamine, which can help to reinforce positive habits and behaviors. This positive feedback loop can lead to lasting changes in our thought patterns and behaviors, allowing us to achieve our goals and realize our full potential.



    Each crystal has its own unique energy signature, and by pairing a crystal with an affirmation that resonates with its energy, you can create a powerful synergy that can help to deepen your connection to the affirmation and enhance its effects.


    Program your crystal

    ‚ú® All our crystals work with intentions.

    It's really important that you follow the instructions in the guide you will receive in your package ūüíú

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