The Star

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Material: 18K Gold Plated

Embody hope and inspiration with this beautifully crafted necklace featuring the iconic tarot card, The Star.

✨🌟 This card is a symbol of hope, renewal, and endless possibilities. It represents a guiding light in the darkness, offering clarity, inspiration, and rejuvenation.

Wearing "The Star" necklace serves as a constant reminder of the endless possibilities that lie ahead of you. Whatever happens, trust the Universe. It's not just a piece of jewelry; it's a beacon of positivity, guiding you towards a future filled with hope and promise.

Embrace its energy to find your path to personal growth and fulfillment. Let "The Star" light your way to a brighter tomorrow.


DETAILS: Only available in gold. The tarot card is made with zircons and a black acrylic panel that is hand painted and 100% hypoallergenic. The chain is made with 18inch stainless steel chain with 2inch extender. It's fully stainless and waterproof.

💜  Ready for a gift : This necklace comes in a wonderful rose gold and velvet box.