Love Yourself Luxe 💖

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Jewelry color: 18K Gold Plated

Heal a wounded heart and embark on a transformative journey of self-love with the “Love Yourself Luxe” bundle.

Fusing the energies of crystals, potent affirmations, and personalized rituals, ensuring you emerge with a radiant self-worth and a heart full of love for the most important person: You.


🌟 Inside Your Bundle:

🌹 The Magnetic Necklace (Rose Quartz): For unearthing and amplifying boundless self-love.
🛁 The Magnetic Wand (Rose Quartz): Your bath-time companion to soak in love and positivity.
🌼 The Enchantress Elixir (Mother of Pearl): To rejuvenate and embolden your inner essence.
📖 The Ultimate Guide to manifestation - Ebook 269 Affirmations: Discover words of power to manifest an unwavering love for yourself. The ebook will be delivered to your mailbox once your package is shipped 

💫 Your 3-Week Self-Love Program

✨ Week 1 - Inner Radiance:

Day 1-3: Begin with your nightly routine: Wash hair, scrub skin, apply your favorite cream. Then, with your Magnetic Wand by your side, sink into a relaxing bath or a long shower. Follow with a foot bath, while jotting down self-love affirmations from the “Develop Your Self Love & Attract Your Soulmate” chapter of your Ebook.

Day 4-7: Engage in a home workout (YouTube has plenty of great options!). Every day even if it's 5 minutes. Wrap yourself in the love energy of the Magnetic Necklace. Write down three things you absolutely adore about yourself every morning on a piece of paper.

✨ Week 2 - Physical Rejuvenation:

Day 8-10: Book an appointment for nails or lashes, something that makes you feel pampered. Continue wearing the Magnetic Necklace, letting its energy resonate with your newfound confidence.

Day 11-14: Dedicate one evening to yourself: Order sumptuous food, watch your favorite movie, and truly date yourself. Use the Enchantress Elixir before your movie night, feeling its essence intertwining with the movie’s magic and start wearing it every day.

✨ Week 3 - Embodied Bliss:

Day 15-18: Schedule a massage, letting go of any residual stress or negative energy. Continue with your daily affirmations while holding your rose quartz necklace, this time from the “Improve Your Well Being & Be Happy” chapter.

Day 19-21: Challenge yourself with a new physical activity: Consider a gym session focusing on leg machines, a rejuvenating run, or even a calming swim. On the final day, indulge in a luxurious bath using the Magnetic Wand, and reflect on your self-love journey.

 As you progress, the combined energies of the Rose Quartz accessories, paired with your dedicated rituals, will cement your self-love. You are worth every moment, every affirmation, and every drop of love. Embrace your luxurious self-loving journey! ✨🔮💖