The Toxic Terminator ⚔️

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Color: 18K Gold Plated

Combat the draining energy of toxic individuals or situations in your life with our "Toxic Terminator" bundle.

Specially designed for those facing negativity from colleagues, bosses, or envious family members, this bundle is your armor against their harmful influences. Embark on a 3-week program that not only shields you but also equips you with tools to mentally distance yourself from their negativity.


🌟 Inside Your Bundle:

 🌌 The Luxury Mindset Necklace (Rainbow Fluorite): Fluorite is famed for absorbing and neutralizing negative energies. This necklace will cleanse your aura, absorb and eliminate all the negativity and toxic energies surrounding you.
💖 The B*tch Be Gone Elixir: A powerful essence to keep negative vibes at bay and reinforce your inner strength.
🛡 The B*tch Be Gone Spell: Amplify your protection from your higher self and set clear energetic boundaries between you and toxic entities.


💫 Your 3-Week Program:

✨ Week 1 - Establishing Boundaries:

Day 1-3: Start by wearing the Luxury Mindset Necklace daily. As you wear it, imagine its energies filtering out the negativity you encounter, especially from the toxic people in your life.

Day 4-7: Incorporate the B*tch Be Gone Elixir in your routine. Every morning, as you use it, visualize it forming a resilient shield around you.

Night ritual for the 1st week: Dedicate 10 minutes every evening to a Grounding Meditation from Youtube to center yourself amidst external chaos. 

✨ Week 2 - Enhancing Mental Clarity:

Day 8-11: Stay consistent with wearing the necklace and using the elixir. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by someone's negativity, touch the necklace to remind yourself of your protective barrier.

Day 12-14: Initiate the B*tch Be Gone Spell. Burn the first candle. As it unfolds, feel its energy severing the negative cords tying you to toxic individuals.

Morning ritual for the 2nd week: Begin each day with a 10-minute Clarity Meditation from YouTube, helping you see situations more objectively and not be influenced by others' negative perceptions.


✨ Week 3 - Fostering Positivity & Independence:


Day 15-18: You will already see the effects of the program by then. As you continue the rituals, focus on positive affirmations that celebrate your strength, resilience, and independence. 

Day 19-21: Conclude the spell to solidify your defenses by burning the second candle. . With the necklace on, affirm, "I stand strong, untainted by external negativity, and thrive in my own light."

Night ritual for the 3rd week: Conclude each day with a 15-minute Positivity Embrace Meditation from YouTube, drawing in good energy and vibes.


No longer be weighed down by the toxic people in your orbit. This bundle aids you in building resilience, finding clarity, and thriving despite their presence. Protect your peace, and step into a realm of serene confidence! ✨🔮💖