The Clever Babe Bracelet

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The Clever Babe Bracelet is made with a genuine Lapis Lazuli. Unlock your inner genius with this enchanting bracelet. Known for its power to boost intelligence and wisdom, lapis lazuli is the perfect stone for those looking to excel in their work or creative pursuits.

This celestial blue crystal not only enhances your mental clarity but also empowers you to communicate with confidence and grace which really improves your relationships.

Whether you're preparing for a big presentation or looking to improve your communication with others, "The Clever Babe" bracelet is your secret weapon for success. Wear it and let your brilliance shine!



DETAILS: Featuring a 7-inch stretchy band adorned with a natural lapis lazuli, stainless steel and 6mm shiny beads. This collection fits comfortably on any wrist.

🎁 PERFECT GIFT: The bracelet is delivered in the cutest pouch.