The Lucky Wand

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Crystal: Green Aventurine
CRYSTAL : Green Aventurine from China
POWER : Luck & Attraction
WHERE TO PLACE 💎 : Place your Aventurine in the left most corner of your home, or in the left corner of the room where you need the more luck.
Aventurine is the crystal you need when working with the law of attraction. This crystal will not only bring you luck, it it has an amazing energy of success. 
It helps you see all the opportunities that brings you life, and keeps you in a happy state of mind. It wants you to thrive in every facet of your life and grants you the grace, energy, and power to make all dreams a reality.
This is a must-have stone to have in your house, or to carry with you everyday with The Lucky necklace.


MEASUREMENT  : 3-4in (approximately)


 ✨ : Crystals are a natural gift from our planet. Please be aware that there could be natural cracks, rough spots or inclusions. You will always receive the crystal that was meant to be yours. You don't choose your crystal : your crystal chooses you.